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Barefoot Massage in Honolulu, Hawaii

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy - Honolulu

Derived from the Japanese words ashi (foot) and atsu (pressure), ashiatsu is a unique deep-tissue massage where the therapist uses her bare feet on the client. Though it may look intimidating, you experience no pain or discomfort from the treatment.

By skillfully holding onto overhead bars, the therapist relies on her body weight and the force of gravity to give you a gentle, yet deep, massage through her feet. Devotees of Ashiatsu describe it as a truly luxurious experience and the effects are usually longer-lasting than other massage styles.

Why Ashiatsu Is So Popular

The built-in advantage it has is that it allows the masseuse to apply greater pressure than they could through their hands or arms. Instead of using the elbow, which can feel sharp and unpleasant, the smooth flatness of the feet accomplishes what’s needed more easily and with more range because the bars allow your massage therapist to regulate the applied pressure according to you and your needs.

Ashiatsu not only works the stress out from your muscles, it also relieves pain and can even give you better posture! Those with muscle spasms, athletes in need of sports massage or anyone who is just looking for a way to wipe out stress and strain will benefit.

Is This The Right Massage Style For You?

It isn’t the right fit for everyone. For example, pregnant women and diabetics should not be given Ashiatsu.

Contact us today and learn more about this deep tissue massage that can do wonders when done by a trained, experienced massage therapist.

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