Baby Massage Lessons in Honolulu, HI

Help Your Baby Become Healthier & Stronger

Why learn how to massage your baby? Because it brings a number of benefits to their health and well-being, while also relaxing them - and you!

You can gain this new skill to comfort and strengthen your little one right here in Honolulu from a Certified Infant Massage Teacher. Here’s just a few of the benefits you can give your keiki through baby massage:

  • May provide relief from abdominal discomforts

  • Supports good posture & balance

  • Increases nutrient flow to their bones

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Promotes joint flexibility

  • Increases their circulation

  • May promote clearer breathing

  • Reduces stress for you, the parents

Take Baby Massage Classes in Honolulu

Take care of your little one when they need it most and spend real bonding time, too. It rewards both you and your child and it isn’t hard to learn, either.

You are trained in 4 Classes, one a week, that will give you the skills and knowledge you need. Those 4 weeks can create countless benefits for your baby, or even babies, as your family grows.

Ideal from 3 weeks old to crawling. 

  • Includes: pesticide free jojoba oil, supporting material (PDF Brochures), and discounted treatments.

Contact us today about our upcoming classes. We’ve got room for you!

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Right leg!

Right leg!

The ears!

The ears!