Reflexology Treatments | Honolulu, Hawaii

Reflexology Treatment at InnEssence Therapy in Honolulu

Based upon the ancient theory that all organs and glands have corresponding reflexes in the feet, hands and ears, reflexology focuses on the systematic stimulation of reflex points to bring the whole body holistically into balance.

Creating or restoring that Balance creates health rewards including:

  • Relief from Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Circulation
  • Pain Relief & Reduction, including Back & Muscle Pains
  • Relieving of Nausea & Pain from Cancer Treatments
  • Alleviating Sleep Issues, Such as Insomnia
  • Better General Health

How Reflexology is Done

The therapist reduces tension and fatigue in your feet, while also working to eliminate present toxins and impurities. Although attention is focused primarily on the feet, reflexology work can be felt throughout your entire body.

At InnEssence Therapy, every reflexology session begins with a foot bath, enhanced by organic aromatic salts.

Contact us today for a session and begin your healing journey. We can help.

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